Meet Our New Board Member: La’Mond Plummer

We’re so excited to introduce you to La’Mond Plummer, Atlanta Ad Club’s new Membership Chair for 2023 – 2024!

La’Mond Plummer


Membership Chair for 2023 – 2024

Sr. Advertising Consultant | L. Plummer & Company

What was your first Atlanta Ad Club event?

The American Advertising Awards!

It was a great event filled with talented professionals and students who were recognized for their creativity and talent within the metro Atlanta community. 

American Advertising Awards

What’s your dream title in advertising? 

My dream title in advertising would be “Chief Marketing Officer,” aiming to lead strategic initiatives, drive brand success, and navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing with innovation and impact.

Who is the advertising or business leader that you look up to most?

Steve Stoute, founder and CEO of Translation, is a figure I deeply admire.

His impact on the intersection of music and advertising, along with his entrepreneurial spirit, makes him a trailblazer in the industry. Stoute’s ability to bridge cultural gaps through marketing resonates with me, showcasing the power of creativity and connection in the business world.

Why do you think it’s important to have industry groups like ours?

Industry groups like ours provide a platform for professionals to connect, share insights, and stay abreast of industry trends. It’s a collective powerhouse fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and ultimately elevating the entire advertising community by pooling diverse perspectives and expertise.

How do you think Atlanta compares to other advertising cities?

Atlanta has a unique blend of cultural richness and a thriving business scene, making it a dynamic hub for advertising.

While cities like New York and Los Angeles are advertising powerhouses, Atlanta’s distinct character and growing influence create exciting opportunities.

It’s about leveraging our city’s strengths, fostering creativity, and contributing to the national advertising landscape in our own impactful way. 

What community initiatives would you like to see the Ad Club support?

I’d love to see the Ad Club support initiatives that focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in the advertising industry. By championing programs that nurture talent from all backgrounds, we can foster a more vibrant and representative community. Additionally, supporting educational outreach to schools and colleges can help inspire the next generation of creative minds.

What’s one thing most coworkers don’t know about you?

Not many coworkers are aware, but I used to reside in Europe for 5 years, fueling my love for diverse cultures, the arts, and soaking up inspiration from every corner.

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

Outside of work, you’ll often find me immersed in creative pursuits and catching up on the latest from CNBC and playing golf.

(Sorry that’s more than one thing!)

In your opinion, how can we best support people starting out in the industry?

Mentorship programs and networking events play a crucial role.

Creating a supportive environment where experienced professionals share insights, guidance, and opportunities can help newcomers navigate the complexities of the advertising world. Additionally, fostering internships and entry-level positions provides hands-on experience and opens doors for emerging talent.

By championing programs that nurture talent from all backgrounds, we can foster a more vibrant and representative advertising community.

– La’mond plummer

How can we better attract, promote, and advocate for greater diversity in advertising?

Attracting, promoting, and advocating for diversity in advertising requires a multi-faceted approach.

Establishing inclusive hiring practices, providing mentorship programs, and actively promoting diverse voices in campaigns are key steps. Education and outreach initiatives, especially in underrepresented communities, can also create pathways into the industry. Advocacy for diversity should be embedded in the culture of the Ad Club, ensuring that all voices are heard and celebrated.

What’s your 30-second elevator pitch to get people to join the Ad Club?

“Join the Ad Club, where creativity meets community!”

We’re a dynamic hub in the beating heart of Atlanta’s advertising scene. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, our club offers a vibrant space for networking, learning, and elevating your craft. Connect with industry leaders, participate in innovative initiatives, and be part of a community that fuels your passion for advertising. Let’s redefine the future of our industry together!

If you weren’t working in advertising, you’d be working in:

If I weren’t working in advertising, I’d likely be in the field of anesthesiology. The precision, focus, and the profound impact on patient well-being draw me to this profession.

It’s about navigating the delicate balance of science and care to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for individuals undergoing medical procedures. 

If you were a brand… what would your tagline be and why?

“Unleashing Ideas, Igniting Conversations.”

This tagline captures the essence of sparking creativity and fostering meaningful connections, reflecting my belief in the power of ideas to inspire and drive conversations that matter.