Account Supervisor


May 26, 2021

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Atlanta/Pittsburgh/NYC (or remote)

Job Description

The role of the Client Leadership Department – under which the Account Supervisor position falls – is to drive Moxie’s business forward and to help our clients place the consumer at the heart of everything we do. At Moxie we see consumers as human beings and spend time utilizing approaches like behavioral science to really understand what motivates them so our work can be the most effective possible. We’re looking to help our clients deal with the changing marketing landscape and not just rely on how things were done – so we want people who have a passion for helping clients evolve.

The Account Supervisor will also be responsible for building client relationships while collaborating with the internal team and across departments at Moxie. The ideal candidate should be strategically driven, understand the CRM landscape, have demonstrated the ability to develop data-driven recommendations, and can easily adapt in a tech-driven environment.

The Account Supervisor supports the Account Director & senior leadership.

Major Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Work with assigned clients to create and push the client work to the boundaries of CRM and the digital space with a focus on email driven campaigns
  • Personable style with a knack for proactive problem solving
  • Take responsibility for entire process and make oneself accountable for deliverables released to client and deployed to market
  • Understand the client’s business at a granular level and be able to provide recommendations (weekly, monthly) on how to change and adapt to business needs
  • Consult with discipline leads and team members to build the best solutions for individual campaigns
  • Keep accurate records of campaigns and campaign performance as well as track against project scope
  • Work with leadership to plan growth of each business segment assigned
  • Help handle day-to-day escalations for all programs
  • Assist with annual planning, program evaluations, enhancement recommendations, etc.
  • Ensure the timely handoff of deliverables to client
  • Other responsibilities as assigned

Years of Relevant Experience

  • Minimum of 5+ years of relevant experience – can include email campaign management, marketing, advertising, or account management
  • Preferred experience working on digital and CRM campaigns; Telecom experience a plus

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Competencies

  • Enthusiasts of the brand and category to which they’re assigned
  • Must be passionate about advertising and the CRM digital space
  • Embody a competitive spirit for both Moxie, our clients, and doing innovative work
  • Tactful/diplomatic communicator - Internally and Externally - Formal written, informal written, verbal
  • Ability to communicate complex information in easy-to-understand terms
  • Some demonstrated experience in crisis and issue management
  • Skilled in presenting to mid-to-high level clients
  • Able to actively build and maintain good working relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Must be willing to go above and beyond to ensure client’s issues and requests are sufficiently resolved

Client Leadership Vision:

Client Leadership exists to grow, lead and serve equally the business interests of the client and Moxie. This means that, internally, we are the advocates for our clients and what is best for their businesses. Externally, we drive and protect the Moxie business by negotiating rates and SOWs, pitching and defending work, and seeking and selling new opportunities for Moxie.

Client leaders at Moxie are champions of the brands and categories they represent and are passionate about the work. Successful team members embody a competitive spirit and drive teams to achieve business goals (and by extension, receive recognition). We orchestrate and inspire the broader team to find creative, alternative ways to innovate against the client’s objectives.

We lead by example. We demonstrate confidence and authority yet are accessible, genuine and authentic. Our team must be able to form tight relationships, which means that open communication, good intuition, inherently wise judgment and appropriate tact are essential. Moxie is very much a cross-functional, team-driven environment. To excel here, you must enjoy working with others and be eager for feedback, without personal offence.

Client leaders are skilled in working with a broad spectrum of people — junior- to senior-level, multiple mindsets, varying agendas, etc. — and are diplomatic in providing strong POVs. We are often the ones who must make difficult decisions and have the “tough conversations.” We must navigate client internal politics and manage issues with grace. And we do all this with a positive attitude and a drive for collective success.