Meet Our Board Member: Angie Ahumada

We’re so excited to introduce you to Angie Ahumada, Atlanta Ad Club’s Past President! Learn a bit more about her below:

Angie Ahumada


Immediate Past President, Atlanta Ad Club Board 2021

Marketing Operations Analyst, The Home Depot

What was your first Atlanta Ad Club event?

My very first Ad Club event was way back in 2011 when they still held events at Hudson Grill in Midtown. I didn’t enjoy myself, since I am very shy walking into a room where I don’t know everyone while everyone else knows each other. So I only stayed to hear the talk and then left immediately once the talk ended.

I didn’t go back to an event until the 2014 Small/Medium/Large Agency panel event at Puritan Mill, and there they made an announcement about volunteering to join a committee. That’s when I signed up and have been hooked ever since, working across all key initiatives for the club.

How do you think Atlanta compares to other advertising cities? 

I’ve actually heard a client from LA once say “there’s no creative people in Atlanta” (note: I hated that client…)

This is the perception that the Atlanta market market has had to fight for years. Which is so silly considering all the brands that are headquartered here and all the great work that local agencies do for them. 

Atlanta has crafted out a very scrappy market and creative community built on our culture, art, food, politics, and now our booming production industry. While we are finally starting to get some respect from larger markets, we have learned we don’t need it anymore to continue to do kickass work.  

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What community initiatives would you like to see the Ad Club support and why?

I’d love for us to prioritize Mentorship, since so many of our members are seasoned agency professionals and can be huge assets as mentors. 

It is also especially important to mentor students and young professionals of color that are statistically less likely to land a job in the advertising industry or that have to deal with racism in the workplace. 

What’s one thing most coworkers don’t know about you?

Before the LAST recession, I was a photographer and shot editorial work. 

Another thing that people don’t know about me (at least until I get on the subject and talk for hours) is that I’m obsessed with houseplants. I have a collection of about 150 plants and counting. 

…So many of our members are seasoned agency professionals and can be huge assets as mentors 

Angie Ahumada

If you weren’t working in advertising, you’d be working in ____________.  Why?

Hard to say – there are so many things I’d want to do if I could! 

The not-so-short shortlist: I would love be a singer or a psychologist, be a fashion stylist, or work in Anthropology. Or just hang with plants all day.

In your opinion, how can we best support people starting out in the industry?

There is so much that seasoned professionals have learned by fighting through this tough advertising industry, and we need to share that knowledge with the next generation of ad professionals. I believe we need to make ourselves available to mentor them, take informational interviews, and generally help them land jobs and fight for promotions. 

What are the components of your perfect board meeting? Why?

Definitely snacks! And a cooler of beer.

Our board is super fun, so we also like playing team building games together like duck bowling or darts.

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